Slow Writing: Julia Alvarez on the craft of writing

# 1. What is Slow Writing?

Slow writing is about taking the time to craft the writing so it is good company. So it does for the reader what you want it to do. And craft takes time to acquire and time to execute.

# 2. How the idea of slow writing came up

Somebody loves us all could be the phrase we utter after every satisfying book we read. Somebody has taken the time to create a world of detail and specificity and meaningfulness.

# 3. A story about a wonderful moment of slowness

What really matters is helping others win, too, even if it means slowing down and changing our course now and then.

# 4. My new title and job description

As an elder, I serve by giving back with what I claim as my calling: using language and narrative for moving through experience, for making meaning, for accessing the unspoken, the mysterious, the baffling, and also, oddly, for traffic in the other direction, for attending to the daily, the ordinary, the quiet of the peony -- which simple things, in another odd turn, contain at their center the mysterious, the baffling, the unspoken.

# 5. March Renga, a series of linked haiku

Thirty-one (plus two) haiku for March, a renga for anyone who needs a boost right about now, either because winter has gone on far too long in your neck of the woods or in the deep snowfields of your soul.

# 6. The World Slowed Down On My Birthday!

Join me in blowing out the candles, turning off the lights, and making a wish on a star -- there are more than enough up there (you'll see!) for all of us.

Slow Writing: Julia Alvarez on the craft of writing
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